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How can I get involved?

Get sponsored!

Set yourself a personal challenge and get your friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor you.

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Host a Fundraising Event!

Have a great idea for a get-together that's also a great way to fundraise? Host an event!

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You can either join an official fundraising campaign or get started your own fundraising idea!

Current campaigns
  • Huggies Nappies

    Pages are open from 15 May 2017 till 15 May 2017
    2 participating

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    As you might know, I work for Kimberly-Clark who are the maker of Huggies Nappies and we are committed to making the best nappy for mum.... Read more

"I have my own fundraising idea"

Great! It's easy to get started! Read more about why you are "raising a bundle" below.

  • Raise a Bundle

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    Isolation, conflicting advice, poor living conditions, lack of family and community support can all make parenting seem like the hardest thing in the world. Read more

Great! So how do I get started?

It's easy! Simply click on the link below to register and set up an online fundraising page! Then, share your page far and wide to watch donations roll in!

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Feeling competitive?

If you raise at least $1000 on your page, you will automatically get added to the Grand Club.

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What else is going on?

Check out these other great things happening!

  • Pedal for Plunket 2017

    Pedal for Plunket

    Pedal for Plunket is a country-wide cycle relay that sees team members from The Warehouse, Plunket and other supporters cycle the length of New Zealand from 8-23 March 2017 to raise funds for Plunket in support of local Kiwi communities. Find out more

    Pedal for Plunket