1000 days to make a difference

Over the next 1000 days, we’d like to challenge you to be part of our Raise a Bundle fundraising campaign.

The fundraising campaign will ensure Plunket can continue to be there for New Zealand babies, along with their families and whānau – when and where they need us.

The best research shows what happens to a child in their first 1000 days can be the difference between a life of happiness, or a life of hardship. It will influence the adult that he or she will become and the path that child will follow.

Our mission at Plunket is to help families make the best choices for those first 1000 days of their child’s life.

For some families, it might be the reassuring home check they need, for others it means they can make a late night call to a PlunketLine nurse to get healthcare advice. Many parents get a lot from our parenting courses and still others use our family centres to get the break they need.

But as a charity, we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’ve launched the 1000 Days to Raise a Bundle campaign and are asking you to do what you do best as a way of fundraising for Plunket. That might mean organising your sports team members to make a gold coin donation before a game as a way of supporting Plunket. Or, it might mean you organise a hangi or a singalong as a Plunket fundraiser. Whether you raise a little or a lot, you can be certain that you’ll be contributing to our children – our future.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, staff and generous supporters we are able to reach nearly 90% of all babies and their families in New Zealand.

Now we’re asking you to help. Over the next 1000 days we’re asking you to make the difference of a lifetime for every New Zealand child. The funds you raise mean we’ll be able to provide additional community services to children, their families and whānau across the country.

Join us in making the difference of a lifetime.

Amanda Malu, Chief Executive


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