Help us Raise a Bundle by doing #BurpeesForBabies

Research shows that the first 1000 days of a child’s life are crucial in providing positive outcomes for them later in life. For Plunket that’s a ticking clock and we’re uniquely positioned to “make the difference of a lifetime” in those early days.

Unlike our Well Child contract which is funded by the government, Plunket’s many community services like parenting courses, playgroups and support groups, and family centres are not. We must raise the funds to pay for the resources and staff, even the buildings they’re delivered in.

With our 1000 days to Raise a Bundle campaign we have asked all New Zealand to make a difference and help keep these community services free to parents and whanau when they need them most.

Burpees for Babies

We are launching a social media campaign, #BurpeesForBabies, on 5 March 2017 (Children’s Day).

The aim of Burpees for Babies is to raise funds and awareness for Plunket’s community services in a fun and social way.

For this challenge we are asking people to:

  • Video themselves doing five burpees for under-5s (feel free to get creative with the burpees, while staying safe)
  • Use the #BurpeesForBabies hashtag and tag @PlunketNZ
  • Challenge five other people or organisations to do the challenge by tagging them in the post
  • Txt FIVE to 2448 to donate $3 to Plunket’s Raise a Bundle campaign

A really important part of this campaign is the last point – txting to donate. If everyone that does that challenge donates at least $3 to Plunket then this campaign will make a real difference in the lives of New Zealand families.


So if you are not already involved join in! Check out our Plunket NZ burpees for babies video for some inspiration.


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