Blue Day for Plunket - Coming Up!

Plunket has launched Blue Day for Plunket! Coming up on Friday 23rd March – here’s how you can getinvolved…

1) Dress in blue (in your workplace, at home, at your local school or favourite cafe)
2) Collect money (encourage everyone involved to donate a gold coin or more to Plunket)
3) Donate to Plunket (send the funds via bank account or credit card to go towards Plunket community services)

It’s as simple as that! #raiseabundle #bluedayforplunket

Head to the link for more details and to create your own Raise a Bundle fundraising page: and register though our Raise a Bundle website. 

Any questions please email: 

For bank deposits:
02-0500 0964455-015
Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust
Ref: blueday[yourorganisation/name]

For credit card payments:

Cash (Wellington only)
You can bring in your cash collected into 40 Mercer Street, Wellington, Simpl House, Level 3

Text "blue" to 2448 to donate $3 now!


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