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Amanda and BlueI’ve been working at Plunket for five months now, and in that time I’ve got to know a lot about the work that this organisation does. Like 9 out of 10 other babies born in New Zealand, I had my very own Plunket nurse.

Now that I know how important the work is that Plunket does, and how much of a positive impact it has on entire families, I want to help to enable Plunket to do more. There are areas in New Zealand that are missing out on services because of a lack of funding, so we’re going to change that.

Last night we held the very first fundraising quiz night at our local pub the Sprig and Fern in Thorndon, Wellington.

The Quiz master was fantastic, he wrote his own questions with quirky themes, and really got everyone in behind the cause. You could tell that the quiz was something that the Thorndon community enjoyed and looked forward to.

It was a great opportunity to chat to the locals about Plunket too. Many people still aren’t aware that Plunket is a charity, and being there to help fundraise we could speak to them about what Plunket does, and why we are raising money.

I spoke with one person whose mother in law was a Plunket nurse for years, and is now working part time helping mothers with post-natal depression through Plunket’s PNAP program. It seems that everyone has their own Plunket story, and everyone is willing to share it with you.

It’s mainly smaller not for profits like local sports groups that fundraise at this particular quiz night, so it was great for a national charity to run a smaller event within the community and have the chance to speak with people face to face.

One of the goals in Plunket’s new strategy is to have connected communities. By doing small events like this; sharing a pizza, laughing at silly quiz questions and talking about what Plunket can do for families I think you can become more connected with your own local community.

We have three more quiz nights planned in the next couple of weeks, and I’m looking forward to meeting more people and hearing more Plunket stories!

If you would like to join our Quiz it is held at the Sprig and Fern in Thorndon, it starts at 7pm and will be on Tuesday 25 October, 1st November and 8th November. If you’d like to hold your own quiz there is a booklet full of ideas to get you started.

Plunket Staff member and Quiz master


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