Dunk it for Plunket!


Dunk it for Plunket Official Website

Dunk it for Plunket is our next Raise a Bundle campaign.  We want to get New Zealanders to dunk their bikkies in their favourite hot drink, in love and support of Plunket.

This campaign will kick off on the 1st of September and run through the whole month. Throughout the month we will be supported by people all around NZ - partners, local businesses, friends, family, colleagues, and more!

What you can do to get involved

  1. Run a morning or afternoon tea at work or home! Bake some of your favourite biscuits.
  2. There will be lots of cafes around NZ supporting Plunket in September who are donating a percentage of coffee sales - some are donating $1 per coffee sold on one day in September and some are supporting for a whole week! This list of participating cafes will be released on the Dunk it for Plunket website - you can head to your local and know you're making a difference!
  3. If you know a cafe owner who might want to help out and support Plunket put me in contact with them! There are lots of benefits for the cafe as well...
  4. Purchase a Plunket Cup from or tell your friends and family about it!
  5. You can win prize packs - thanks to Molly Woppy biscuits and Watties. All details will be on the website.
  6. Run a morning tea at your local Plunket group, coffee group, or office! Capture some awesome video footage or photos of Plunket people 'dunking for Plunket'!

The Dunk it for Plunket website is now live with all details on the event - as well as recipe ideas, a win page, registration page and MORE ideas for your awesome #dunkitforplunket event!


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