Pledge for Plunket 2019 has raised $67,333

Plunket’s Mega Fundraising Month with The Hits has proved successful, raising 67,333
Three weeks of fundraising madness, and we cannot thank you enough for supporting it!

Pledge for Plunket Radiothon!

The Hits street teams have been out in full force - bucket shaking and selling baking, running classic Kiwi sausage sizzles and "pramarathon's". Laura, Sam and Toni on The Hits have been baby racing, Anika Moa has been singing, and Mayor Tim Shadbolt has been cheese-roll tasting! 🧀

Plunket touches the lives of nearly 80% of all New Zealand’s babies, along with their families and whānau. As a charity, we can’t do it alone. This campaign is supported New Zealand’s children in getting the care they need and the lives they deserve.

Dunk it for Plunket and Cheese Week!

Cheese rolls, cheese scones and coffees appeared all around the country to support Plunket in the first week of Pledge for Plunket!

The Winners of the Great Cheese Roll Off and Cheese-Scone-a-Thon 2019!
Central North Island - MOOMAA Cafe & Design Store in Marton
Wellington Region - New World Metro on Willis Street (pictured)
South Island - Hungry Hobos in Dunedin 

Blue Week for Plunket!

Blue Week for Plunket was a success all over the country. Organisations, schools, workplaces, playgroups and local Plunket groups dressed in BLUE and donated back to Plunket. 



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