The Plunket Cup!

The Plunket Cup is available now! A fully reusable and recyclable coffee cup which not only helps to support NZ families and children nationwide but also saves the planet - one cup at a time! to purchase yours now!

Each cup is designed by Libby and Ben Creative (former winners of The Block) and printed on CUPPACOFFEECUP cups - these cups are fully reusable, sustainable and recyclable. CUPPACOFFEECUP is made from food-grade polypropylene – a plastic that can be easily recycled at the end of its life and made into new consumer goods.

Each Plunket Cup will go towards helping Plunket to Raise a Bundle, and to make the difference of a lifetime. Plunket is the largest provider of free support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under five in New Zealand. We see more than 90% of new borns in New Zealand each year. Plunket offers parenting information and support as well as developmental assessments of your child and various other services. The money raised from each Plunket cup sold will go towards helping Plunket to provide our amazing community services nationwide!

There are 2 amazing designs to choose from at $18 each. You can purchase your cup today from our online shop: 

The Wildlife Cup - The Wildlife Cup concept is based on the idea that New Zealand is a brilliant place to grow up, and an epic location for family adventures. Libby & Ben Creative have recreated the landscape in an illustrated style based on children’s storybooks, and have included creatures found in our local wilderness. Plunket green is the core colour used in this design, with accents of other brand colours.

The Bluebird Cup - The Bluebird Cup design is hand drawn, featuring a small bird family surrounded by a floral garden .The birds, big and small, represent people, big and small, supported by Plunket in all communities of NZ. It’s a different way of looking at the concept of family. It picks up the light blue from the Plunket brand.


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