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Common Misconception:

1. Plunket is wholly funded by the government

2. Plunket is a Government agency

While the big G does fund its Well Child nursing contract (of which Plunket is one of many providers), Plunket is a charity and has been for well over 100 years.

Fact – to keep Plunket’s parenting and community services like support groups, play groups, parenting courses and family centres open and free to all families in NZ, they need donations. – these are not funded by the govenment

That’s why we’ve launched the 1,000 Days to Raise a Bundle fundraising campaign.

If you were born in this beautiful country, chances are your parents relied on these free services to help you become the beautiful adult you are today. And if you’ve raised kids here, you probably relied on Plunket to raise the beautiful adults your children have become (or will become).

Here’s my ask – help make a difference for families who need it most. Donate to my Raise a Bundle fundraising page and let’s help keep these support services free and available for the next generation to grow up to be beautiful too.

Love, Benj