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To help raise a bundle is to put families in New Zealand first.

Today’s parents face isolation, financial stress, and being disconnected to the help they need but I believe all families should have the proper support to help raise healthy happy children.

Join me by making a donation and put families and the young children of New Zealand first. Together we can give every child the best start in life.

On the 26th September I stopped drinking alcohol with a goal of giving up for 10 weeks - I am now half way there and thought this might be an opportunity for me to raise funds for our 1000days campaign.

To raise the bar a little higher than 10 weeks I am going to go beyond that limit and allow myself 10 days where I can drink alcohol between the 4 December and the 31 March 2017 - I will pay $20 for each one of those drink days! Fund my alcohol free weeks and help me raise a bundle - $1 a week or whatever you would like to donate.

Watch my progress and look out December 17/18 when I will reach for something other than sparkling water to celebrate my 40th Wedding Anniversary!