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Help me raise a bundle for Plunket!

Having grown up in NZ I've always known that Plunket has been there for Kiwi kids and their mums and dads, but now having just had my very own Plunket baby, I truly appreciate what that support means.

I count myself lucky that my little bundle - Sienna - has had relatively few issues (well apart from not being a fan of sleeping!!) and having just celebrated her first year, I feel like we did OK!

Through Plunket PIN and Parenting Education groups, I was linked up to other first time mums in my area. These women were not only my rocks through some of the toughest days, but also became great friends. Having other mums to talk through issues, or just having a reason to get out of the house was so valuable to me.

Not many people know that services like these are funded by donations and without donations, they would not be possible. Please help me pay forward my appreciation and raise a bundle so other mums - like me - can continue to receive this support.

As an extra incentive, for the next 3 months I'll do my very best to give up my 10am daily coffee fix! But for every day I cave in and buy one, I'll donate $5 to Plunket.

If 100 of my friends could sponsor me just 1 coffee (or $5) then I'll reach my fundraising target of $500.

And if I cave in

- 1 x week I'll top that up with $60

- 3 x week = $180

- 5 x week = $300!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Together we can give every child the best start in life.

- Claire