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Raise a Bundle - Plunket


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This page is for purchasing The Plunket Cup for delivery to the Constellation Drive Office.

Each cup is $18. Payment options include CREDIT or DEBIT CARD only.

There are 2 designs: the blue cup or the green cup (pictured). The Plunket Cup is a reusable cup. Instead of disposing of a cup every time you buy a coffee or hot drink, reuse your Plunket Cup - to help save the planet. A reusable, high colour design and lightweight cup for all your hot drink needs.

Each cup goes towards helping Plunket to Raise a Bundle!

If you wish to purchase a cup please follow the below instructions:

1) Click "MAKE A DONATION" on this page

2) Under "your donation" select "other"

3) Insert dollar amount (e.g. if you are buying 1 cup it is $18 if you are buying 2 cups it is $36 and so on) - you are responsible for adding the correct dollar amount.

4) Please fill in all your personal details

5) Under "your message" please put which design you would like. E.g. 1x green. If you are buying several cups please make this clear in your message "1x blue, 2x green".

6) Under "display name" please insert your FULL NAME.

7) Click NEXT

8) Fill in all your credit card/debit card details to complete payment


The Next Steps:

If your payment is NOT successful, please try again. If you still cannot get it to process please contact

Your purchase is now successful yay you have a Plunket Cup coming your way!

COLLECTION POINTS: There will 1 pick up point ONLY (Constellation Drive Office). THERE ARE NO DELIVERIES TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS.

You will be informed when your cups have arrived, ready for pick up from the Constellation Drive Office!

Any questions or queries please contact