COFFEE CUPS (National Office)

This page is for purchasing The Plunket Cup for the National Office Area.

Each cup is $18. Payment options include CREDIT or DEBIT CARD only.

There are 2 designs: the Bluebird cup and the Wildlife Cup (pictured). The Plunket Cup is 100% reusable. Instead of disposing of a cup every time you buy a coffee or hot drink, reuse your Plunket Cup - to help save the planet. A reusable, high colour design and lightweight cup for all your hot drink needs.

Each cup goes towards helping Plunket to Raise a Bundle!

COLLECTION POINTS: There will 1 pickup point, Level 2 National Office, East Wing from Maddie Murphy-Harris (first pod on the right). Once your order is confirmed and paid you can collect your cup.

Any questions or queries please contact