Thomas and Wesley's Fundraising Pushchair

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Thomas and Wesley Putt
New Plymouth


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As parents of a young baby, Plunket has been there to support us since the day our son was born, and as a stay at home Dad I know it is important to get my son out and about and exploring the world.

So to help Plunket, my son Wesley and I are starting the Fundraising Pushchair. We are asking everyone who is able to sponsor us in this fundraiser and help us raise money for Plunket.

The Fundraising Pushchair will be running from 1st November to 31st December. In this time Wesley and I will be aiming to walk 300km to raise money for Plunket. To help support us, we ask that you sponsor us for every km we walk. So to save everyone the trouble of the math, if we reach our goal a sponsorship will be:

.01c per km - $3.00 maximum donation

.05c per km - $15.00 maximum donation

.10c per km - $30.00 maximum donation

.20c per km - $60.00 maximum donation

These are however just ideas, feel free to pick different amounts but we ask that you don't donate more than you can afford. We hope to raise a lot of money with everyone doing their little bit to help us along.

I will be using the Map My Fitness App to post the walks we go on to Facebook so everyone can see that Wesley and I are actually walking the kms.

Any questions or offers of sponsorships just PM us on Facebook or email us at

Thanks for taking the time to check out our page, and we hope to hear from you soon to help fundraising with the Fundraising Pushchair