RAB Baby Profile - Thomas Muir

This month the Raise a Bundle team had a chat with one of our Raise a Bundle mother's - Rebecca Muir. Rebecca's first child, Thomas, is a fun-loving, energetic and 'on-the-go' little boy who has recently turned 2 years old. 

Rebecca tells us about her first-child baby experiences. She takes us through Thomas' milestones, personality, struggles and challenges and she gives her top tip parent-to-parent advice.

Read below for more.

Plunket: Thomas has just turned 2 years old, at the end of last year, tell us about the first 2 years of his life and some of his milestones?

Rebecca: The first 2 years have been pretty good, but full on too! Thomas is a very busy kid, he loves to explore, get things done, he loves being busy and is a real ‘boy’ – loves his bikes and lawnmowers! The first couple of years have been challenging because it took a good 6 months to convince him that sleep was a good idea. He also had a lot of trouble with ear infections – he had 7 infections before he was 1. Other than that, he reached all his milestones, was bang on with teething, other milestones. In a way, you could predict Thomas’ next move and milestone. He’s always been an independent little boy.


Plunket: What was one of the biggest struggles or challenges for you during this time, and how did you overcome these struggles?

Rebecca: The sleep was definitely one of the biggest challenges with Thomas. He would only sleep on me or my husband during the day, so we ended up going to Plunket and getting help from various sleep consultants. Breastfeeding was another factor – it didn’t work for either of us so went to formula. The ear infections Thomas suffered from were also a big struggle for everyone in our family, he has had 2 sets of grommets already and that has made a huge difference to is happiness.


Plunket: What has been the biggest value of having a Plunket nurse or Plunket resources?

Rebecca: I have used PlunketLine a few times when things have happened that I’m not sure what do about, or don’t feel the need to go to the Emergency Department. PlunketLine have been very reassuring when I have queried Thomas’ skin reaction to something, or when I thought he had chickenpox.

Our PlunketLine nurse has helped us with the sleep side of things and breastfeeding. I knew that breastfeeding wasn’t working for Thomas and I, and our nurse was very reassuring around doing what was best for Thomas and I. This really helped me to understand our needs when it came to breastfeeding. Our Plunket nurse always had supported me with an answer when I had questions – she was very efficient putting referrals in for Thomas. She was always there to support me, weather that was through answering a call or a text. The biggest value of having Plunket available to me was just having someone there when I needed advice. 


Plunket: Can you explain what has been the biggest learning from your Plunket nurse?

Rebecca: Food, especially with introducing solids. Her advice around offering Thomas everything to start off with, and to keep re-introducing things even if Thomas didn’t like them, helped me to understand his likes and dislikes. She has great advice around transitioning him off a bottle and having a dummy. It helped me to understand that Thomas will tell me when he doesn’t want or like something, and to just follow Thomas’ ques. Our Plunket nurses advice gave me a lot of ease.


Plunket: What is one tip – parent to parent – you would see as the most valuable thing to pass on?

Rebecca: That everything is a phase, it passes. I still tell myself that now even when he isn’t a baby anymore. You have to put the time in now because you don’t get that time back. Be there and be present.

Thank you for your time Rebecca! We love having Thomas as part of our Raise a Bundle campaign! 


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