Raise a Bundle turns 1!

Raise a Bundle turned one on 30 September - and so did many of the Kiwi kids we're following as part of this campaign.

To celebrate, we asked some of our Raise a Bundle families what advice they would give themselves a year ago.

Here's what some of our raise a bundle mums said:

Mum 1

"I would tell myself to listen to my instincts that you know your baby best, no-one else. Don’t stress so much about the sleeping thing! Just go with whatever works best for you and your baby. There are NO "shoulds," or "should be." Every baby is different, what works for one baby, might not work for another. Know that it's okay to cry, it's okay to find it tough and it's also okay to ask for help whenever you may need it. It doesn't make you any less of a parent to ask for help. Be kind to yourself. Take that extra minute in the shower, take that extra minute hiding away in the toilet and breathe. Relax and take it all in, your little bundle grows quickly. And lastly, know that you are doing a great job!"


Mum 2

"Trust your own intuition when it comes to baby's health and keep going no matter what 😊"

Mum 3

"Brace yourself, the unsolicited advice from other parents is coming." 


Mum 4

"Everything is really just a phase, so just try to ride it out when things like sleep issues arise. I would also say that self care is really important and to make sure you do something each day to keep you fresh and energised, even when it's the last thing you might feel like doing!"


We rely on the generous support of the public, our partners and fundraising to enable the $6 million worth of community services we provide every year.

The right care in a child’s first 1000 days means the best possible start in life. During this time, Plunket makes the difference of a lifetime to New Zealand’s children. But as a charity, we need your help to make it happen.

Raise a Bundle is Plunket's 1000-day fundraising campaign to support the community services our amazing teams offer all across the country.

Want to help? Join the Plunket fundraising team today at, or txt BABY to 2448 to donate a quick and easy $3. Every little bit helps.


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