RAB Baby Profile - Amelia Botha

Amelia was born on 27 Sept, 2016 and has since followed Plunket’s newest fundraising campaign ‘Raise a Bundle’ (RAB). Onto day 522 of Raise a Bundle's  life she has had quite the amazing and transforming start! Her mother, Rachel Botha, had a chat with Plunket recently and answered a few questions about baby Amelia’s first 500 days of her life which we thought we would share with you Raise a Bundle supporters!  


Plunket: How has the first 500 days been for you and Amelia?

Rachel: They’ve been amazing! We have learnt a lot and laughed a lot together. As a family we have learnt a lot from HER which has been so amazing to watch. We have been lucky that everything is going really well and she is super happy.


Plunket: What was one of the hardest things you’ve experience in the first 500 days?

Rachel: SLEEP! No sleep whatsoever, she’s awake so, we are too! That has been challenging.


Plunket: What was the most surprising or unexpected thing you experienced in the first 500 days?

Rachel: It’s been amazing to watch how much she has grown into her own little individual. She has a strong personality, and has become this little being in her own right. Amelia knows what she wants, and when she wants it – seeing this so early has been a big surprise but amazing to watch!


Plunket: How has Plunket supported you in the first 500 days of Amelia’s life?

Rachel: We’ve been super lucky having a Plunket clinic so close to us. We have been to all our standard Plunket visits, but have also had home visits from our Plunket nurse. I have gone along to one of Plunket’s classes: early feeding, which was really interesting. One of the best things for us has been able to check in with Plunket with things whenever I want and need. Checking up on Amelia’s milestones, and knowing what’s going on in her life has been supported by my Plunket nurse.


Plunket: How crucial are the first 500 days of a baby’s life to you?

Rachel: Well Amelia (of course) is still in her depth of growing and developing, but it has been super important for us to keep up with research and to be able to understand her brain development. I work for BestStart so I have a great support and depth of knowledge available through them also. The capacity and ability of Amelia to learn is phenomenal and to see this come alive in her has been amazing.

Raise a Bundle (RAB) will be doing a monthly story and interview with each of the RAB babies and families we have associated with this Plunket National Campaign. Check out for more stories and updates!


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