RAB Baby Profile - Arlo Wallace

As we come up to almost 2 years since Raise a Bundle kicked off that means our Raise a Bundle babies are turning 2 years old next month!

This month Raise a Bundle has a chat to young mum of two, Tara. Tara’s youngest, Arlo, who is coming up to 2 years old, is a gorgeous wee boy with quick learning and growing skills! Tara talks highly about the resources offered to her through Plunket and what her top tip parent-to-parent is!

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Plunket: How have the first 700 days been for your baby and your family?

Tara: It’s been a very challenging change to our lives but great nonetheless! One of the hardest things for us having Arlo (who is our second child) is just having two children instead of one! My first child was very jealous of someone taking the attention from her – so it’s been a struggling transition. We have tried our hardest having our oldest child there for as much as the pregnancy as possible so she doesn’t miss out on anything, she was even there for the birth! It’s good to have her involved in as many ways as possible. Now, even though they fight, they get along really well most of the time. I’ve learnt a lot more and feel more confident in a lot of things (such as sleeping) now with my second child which has been really helpful – it helps to have a routine for everything.


Plunket: What was the most surprising or unexpected things you experienced in the first 500 days?

Tara: Already having an older daughter than Arlo, I was surprised with how different they are! For example – Arlo was much more physical, he started crawling at 5 months and walking by 8 months which was almost double as fast as my daughter! Seeing the difference between each of them really highlights how every baby is different and unique. I think Arlo learnt from his sister which pushed him to learn faster as he wanted to keep up with her!


Plunket: For you what has been the biggest value of having Plunket available?

Tara: The biggest value from Plunket, in my opinion, is just knowing that you’re on the right track and being able to ask questions that you might be confused or unsure about. It’s the simple things, for example – Arlo was a big snorer and our Plunket nurse helped me to understand what is okay to give him to settle this. Our doctor didn’t know how to manage this but our Plunket nurse did which was a huge value to us as parents. It’s so great having different resources from Plunket and especially having the reassurance they give which makes me feel so much more at ease about parenting.


Plunket: What other services have you used that Plunket provide? And how did this help you?

Tara: With my first child we used PlunketLine a lot which was really helpful, but once I had Arlo I was a lot more confident in my parentings. One thing I do use a lot which I get from Plunket is the recourses and booklets they give out at clinics! I follow a lot of the guidelines found in brochures from my local clinic such as feeding and meals etc.


Plunket: How has the support from Plunket positively enhanced your ‘baby experience’?

Tara: Again it was, for me, about having the reassurance and knowledge of someone professional and helpful. It was also having the communication I got from Plunket – not only through Plunket nurses and staff but through the other parents and families I met! When you’re a parent you can feel very isolated and it’s so nice having other parents and likeminded people around you to support you. Having someone who I can relate to, who is in the same point of your life as you are is such an awesome thing to have! The Plunket nurses have positively enhanced my ‘baby experience’ because they have worked with such a broad range of people so they can relate to so much. It makes me feel very comfortable knowing I have access to these people through Plunket when I need it.


Plunket: What’s one tip parent-to-parent you see as being the most valuable or something you would like to pass on?

Tara: Sleep when they’re sleeping and look after yourself! It can be very hard to find time for yourself with a young child so you tend to stay awake when they’re sleeping – but it just makes you more tired! Look after yourself and listen to yourself.

Thanks for your time Tara and Arlo - we look forward to celebrating your 2nd birthday together! 


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